Elegies for Transitory Thoughts

by The Immoderate Past

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“Elegies for Transitory Thoughts” is the result of what happens when sensitive poetry is mixed with energy and progress. We sound like German krautrock, British new wave and Danish punk - with a melancholic mood in the background.

“Elegies for Transitory Thoughts” is a new album from the Danish duo The Immoderate Past - Søren Søndberg and Hans Christian Munch Andersen. The album is based on a book of poetry of the same name, published by Hans Christian in 2014. The songs are poems set to Søren’s music.

The Immoderate Past were formed in 2006, when Hans Christian and Søren began recording songs together. The band made some songs and then joined other bands. Hans Christian played bass in the psychedelic rock group Spökraket and Søren played guitar in the new wave duo The End.

The Immoderate Past reformed in 2014. Inspired by science fiction, poetry and insomnia, The Immoderate Past is a futuristic band. They play music that is 3 light years ahead.

“Elegies for Transitory Thoughts” is 100 percent DIY: Everything you listen to, the lyrics, the production, the album cover and the text you are reading right now - is made by Søren and Hans Christian.


released March 31, 2016

Poetry by Hans Christian Munch Andersen
set to music by Søren Søndberg

Søren Søndberg: vocals, guitars, bass, keys, drums, percussion
Hans Christian Munch Andersen: bass on "Blueprint for Exile" and "We Could..."

Recorded in Copenhagen between february – may 2015
Overdubbed and mixed in Aarhus june 2015



all rights reserved


The Immoderate Past Denmark

A band, but then again not really. Søren Søndberg makes the tunes, Hans Christian Munch Andersen writes the poetry. The result of what happens when sensitive poetry is mixed with energy and progress

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Track Name: Reason
Is there a reason to be emphatically empathic
when all left to behold is lifeless and cold?
Is there any reason to quit being pedantic
when all I argue against is reckless and bold?

It eats you up from inside
and it messes with your mind
There's nothing here to hide
as all my faith is blind

It rumbles from deep within
You place it on yourself
It peeks through your skin
It breaks a fragile shell

The reason to go on
is the will to stop the clock
To keep on keeping on
when sense becomes memory in fog
Track Name: An Elegy for Transitory Thoughts
An elegy for the transitory thoughts
The smashed minds blend together
A song for the deaf and corrupt
Poetry for the searching, blind forever

The daydreamer eye's last blink of fun
Tired hands raise a mirror to the sun
Too weary, too old, too out of touch
Speaking no sense and not doing much

Giving up, the broken promises repeat
Saying stop, the heart skips a beat
Singing lullabies for an insomniac
Emotion in disguise, resting amnesiac

Dying a thousand deaths all at once
Grasping a sense, then letting it go
Living in mist, then leaving response
Catching the gist and letting it blow
Track Name: Blueprint for Exile
It's a question of cocktails and class
Bottled dreams and counterfeit style
Hysteria distilled for the silent mass
This is a blueprint for our exile

Only talk about love if we're drugged
Get drunk, go away and run for miles
Wanna get wasted and wanna get fucked
This is a blueprint for our exile

Break down ideals with thoughts dissident
Established ideas occupy lands, hostile
Knowledge is power and we are content
This is a blueprint for our exile

Choice determined, sour and dry
Is it worthwhile or is it infertile?
Give in to the dour appearance and cry
This is a blueprint for our exile

Forsake and sacrifice the easy life
Ever complex, it will take a while
Cut it up with a butcher's knife
This is a blueprint for our exile

Go past the future, delay the present
Unerringly ignorant methods compile
Ways to escape and how never to lament
This is a blueprint for our exile

Silence is gold, metal tongues reassure
Your words are vile, you spit out bile
Out motives are pure and we are sure
This is a blueprint for our exile
Track Name: All is Said And Done
Abstract, vague, been hiding for days
Memories exist as imprints of delay
The past passes by – time is dead and gone
Nothing, nothing, nothing set in stone

Sit, like furniture, in front of the wall
Drink, eat, sleep, wake up, work, go home
Match the washed-out colours
Drink, eat, sleep, fuck it all

Go to the window, look to the sky
Look beyond and forget – ignore the petty lie
The past passes by – time is dead and gone
Nothing, nothing's ever set in stone

Swallow another pill, silently
Boredom's bound to break free eventually
Read a book; throw poetry away
The good words never left home to stay

All is said and done, all is said and done
When all that is left – here is us
Emotion never really set in motion
Numbing nothingness nonplussed
Track Name: The Pure Motive
The silence echoes through the room
Your presence is always steeped in gloom
Like a jigsaw falling into place,
I know my time and I know my space

Like the dog that always strays,
I know where I want to go, I know my ways:
Blocked-out daze and drunken haze,
inevitable like cold winter days

So now you've left me like before
I still hear the banging of the door
This is a lament, an elegy,
this is an ode to my insanity

Hate in the skin and vodka in the vein,
fuelled from within to forget again
The purest motive is the primary goal
But ... the past is unattainable

I realise: I crossed the line,
I pushed your border to determine mine
This is a thing of the past,
I've gotta get out fast
Track Name: Dancing Statues/Hidden Clues
A night at the party
The dancing statues
Smiling so smartly
At the hidden clues
Progress in excess
The caress faceless
So envy, stone-cold
The affection put on hold
The emotive sense of void
In the neon dystopia
Social phobia destroyed
In favour of claustrophobia
A life-time walking home
Empty bed for the drained heart
The numbing everlasting pain
Go to sleep all alone
Future delayed upon start
When can I have it all again?
Track Name: Ode To 2009
The golden platitudes
when we caved in to fear
The broken attitude
when we let winter get near

High spirits and lost hope
in tall buildings reaching for the sky
Desperate sensations waiting to throw
themselves to bottomless lies

The world shrugged
and our promises forgot,
Every circle ends
and our promises repeat

A testament to the mood
The cold silence reaches us
An echo in the room
Empty space between walls

Make a monument of the sky
Raise a mirror to the sun
A heart totally eclipsed
Minute upon hour elapsed

Let the tide turn back again
Rendezvous of past tenses
Let the time pass without strain
Let go of present senses

The world shrugged
and our promises forgot,
Every circle ends
and our promises repeat
Track Name: We Could...
We could cheat, we could lie
We could fit in, we could walk by
We could laugh, we could cry
We could forget, we could deny

Time passes in an instant
I save it on pieces of paper
Thoughts unoccupied and vacant
They slowly drift into vapour

Collect memories, smiles and faces
Rain and sun and days slip away
An archive of love's lost places
Miles wide, our domains decay

We could cheat, we could lie
We could fit in, we could walk by
Track Name: I'd Like/Change
I'd like someone to talk to,
someone to hold me when I shout.
And someone to have a matter with,
someone to have a chatter with,
about those things that you don't normally
talk to friends about, formally.

Informally I'm in a position where I don't want to be.
I don't want to be free. It's not that I need an enemy,
but rather someone to question; someone to challenge me.

So why don't I leave? You haven't figured it out yet?
Then I'd better slowly let it sieve: that it's not another I've met.
Though that could easily be arranged.
And that... and that it's not, it's not really that I love you.
It's just that I really hate change.