Used Future

by The Immoderate Past

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Two new hits (1 and 4), a previously unreleased gem (2) and a golden oldie (3) equals one EP of hip Danish anti-hipster pop-rock.

These tracks are dedicated to words and scribblings, notebooks and pieces of paper, books and other literature. And librarians all over the world.


released July 1, 2011

The Immoderate Past = Søren Søndberg, Hans Christian Andersen + various friends.

Thanks to Jonathan and Bjørn of Spökraket for creative support and musical sparring on tracks 1 and 4, and gratitudes also directed at Jacob Thorsnæs for ditto on track 3.



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The Immoderate Past Denmark

A band, but then again not really. Søren Søndberg makes the tunes, Hans Christian Munch Andersen writes the poetry. The result of what happens when sensitive poetry is mixed with energy and progress

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Track Name: No Drinks Tonight
"No drinks tonight, just worries
Come on down and I’ll tell you why it is
That even I can’t tell you exactly why
Perhaps because I wonder too?

Bittersweet conspiracy of wistfulness
Drug of your persona scars my entity
Dust pours over me and I look away
Taste of sour lips leave me dry

Just the same old words in my mouth
Nothing happens except repetition of age
It will all be alright again, I promise you
Draw affection like lines in the sand

No party tonight, don’t come over
I wanna be the one to question
I need to be my own best friend
If I’m gonna walk beside myself

Detoxification, public isolation
Break down the ideal and let it wither
Put it in a box and throw away the key
I told you so, didn’t I?

No thoughts tonight, just empty sky
No aching, just stillness in my bed
No limit to hopes and dreams
No worries tonight, just sleep"
Track Name: Valeriana
"When I dream I am still awake
I would like to sing
a song about the people I love
the future and the past
society and reality
when I dream I am still awake

When you run you are standing still
Do you remember open landscape
two thousand and three
stay stay stay with me
society and reality
When you run you are standing still

Sometimes reality is too complex
for us to take
When we dream
we are still awake"
Track Name: Station New City Grid
"Fly by bulletins, district maps, signs on marble grey. Red on white, different zones, bright lights for drowsy eyes. It's a ride through a tunnel, station new city grid. Resolute anti solitude, desolate building, straying commute, escalator auto ascension. Black rectangle, black rectangle, black rectangle, black rectangle. Corner window, sudden light behind, no movement inside flicker. I know it's you."
Track Name: Time, Stained
a ripple
stained by memory

space in air
space in sky
in wood and ground
stay here for days

stay happy
stay here for days

mesmerized eyes
don’t cry for mesmerized eyes
don’t cry for you
mesmerized eyes don’t cry

unkempt precipice
the empty borders
deliberately lost
circles begin and end
precursors to pain
cut out and forget
fever pasts
future events
ragged heroes sleeping

without pace

plastic protein physics

hope is out
when the time is in
war is coming
give up
give in

withdraw to a mystery
running to no escape
cables plugged to walls

pavement cracks
amber skin

clap hands
close fist
shut mouth
open mind

humid face halts hazel hair

noises from below
new territory
strange days
fantasy and glory

collateral ephemeral
an unnatural guarantee
bonding and subordinate
misery without necessity
happiness within itself

I won’t ever grow old"